Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

When you need a new air conditioner or heating system installed, look no further than Corbin's Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist for the best overall service from start to finish. We have more than 60 years of experience providing AC installation service, and we also offer a full range of other heating and cooling system services. You can use the knowledge and expertise of Brad Corbin and his staff, to help you select a system that is right for your home. Everything from your budget to the size of your home and the desire for an energy efficient unit will be taken into account. We can also complete fast installation or replacement services and can repair or upgrade your air ducts as needed to give you the best results.
AC Inspection - Corbin's HVAC - Northern AL
In addition to providing you with quality AC repair and installation, we also offer heating system services and repairs, duct cleanings, geothermal heat pumps services, maintenance service for HVAC units, and more. Our services are available for new construction homes and custom models. This means that one call to our company will provide you with the service you need.
Many homeowners who contact us are not sure if they need AC installation service or not. They may be aware that their system is older or not operating properly but aren't sure if a repair or a replacement is needed. We can examine your existing system to let you know more about its current condition. By comparing the current condition of the unit and the repair costs with the cost and benefits of a new system, you will be able to make the right decision for your home.
Corbin's is the trusted and dependable company to use. We will work quickly to provide you with the service you need so that your home's indoor climate is not impacted longer than necessary. Call us today!