Choosing The Best Heating and Cooling Systems in Alabama


When the temperatures in Alabama get hot, things can get really uncomfortable! So having an air conditioner in your home becomes a necessity rather than an option. According to a survey by the US Department of Energy, air conditioning accounts for 27% of energy use in hot and humid climates like Alabama. If you're in the market for a new heating and cooling system for your Alabama home, here are the top five options you need to know about.

Window System

Window air conditioners are popular, but you can find many models that also come with a heater. The reason why window heating and cooling systems are so popular is that they are affordable and quite easy to install. They don't take up your floor space which is a plus if you don't already have a lot of space. The only downside to a window AC unit with heating is that it might not be compatible with your windows.

Portable System

There are many portable air conditioner and heater combos on the market. As the name suggests, the biggest advantage of a portable heating and cooling system is that you can easily move it from space to space. This enables effective spot heating and cooling. Thus you can save on heating and cooling costs by focusing on only heating or cooling your immediate environment.

Ductless Heating and Cooling System

You may be wondering if a ductless heating and cooling system is right for you. A ductless heating and cooling system is typically mounted on your wall with an outside compressor, so they're easy to install. They also help to reduce your energy bill since the absence of ductwork reduces energy loss. A ductless system is a type of split HVAC system. With a split HVAC system, the name is self-explanatory because the system comprises indoor and outdoor units.

Central System

Unlike a ductless heating and cooling system, a central HVAC system heats or cools your entire home by transporting heated or cooled air through the ductworks that run throughout your home. You can control the temperature in your home via a thermostat.

These are the top options you need to know before choosing the best cooling system for your home, whether you're interested in a ductless heating and cooling system or a portable one. If you would like to know more about which heating and cooling system is best for you, contact us to get all the help you need from Alabama's HVAC experts!