What Is Mini-Split HVAC and How Can It Help You?


What is a Mini-Split HVAC System?

A mini split HVAC system uses both air conditioning and heating. Mini splits are also known as ductless systems since they do not require ductwork. This is how this system can benefit you.

You Will Pay Less

The issue with central air conditioning is that you pay for the main unit as well as the various pieces that come with it. A large duct system is also included. Installing a central A/C is considerably more costly.

A mini split requires only an inside air handler and an outdoor condenser to function. This saves money because you don't need to pay for extras.

Save Energy

A mini split HVAC system doesn't lose energy like unitary systems do because they don't need ducts to distribute heat. They also consume less electricity than central air systems, so they are better for the environment and your wallet. Mini splits are the best option for helping the environment and by reducing electricity use.


Mini splits provide both cooling and heating. Most mini splits are mounted high on a wall, but not all.